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Name: Jason OToole

Phone: 613-234-4468

Website: http://

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About Jason OToole

Jason O'Toole Is a 7 Figure income earner and has gone from 6 figues in debt to 6 figures a month in 14 months.  25 months later Jason has built a team of over 60,000 members with over 100K customers that generates over 25 Million a month in sales. Jason O'Toole has helped over 200 people earn from 8-140K a month in that timeframe is the #1 earner with his  current company. 

Working for a profit is something Jason has been doing since he was 10 years old. Over such time he has been enjoying life off the script and sharing the spirit of the entrepreneurship by mentoring, teaching and helping others to understand the distinction of LIVING and designing a life vs letting life happen.

Jason`s philosophy is to enjoy life, it`s not the journey, the venture or even the destination that matters, its how many lives you`ve touched and what you`ve learned along the way.

Prospex was founded on this principal, helping and enabling entrepreneurs to strive for success.

Articles by Jason OToole
Title: Biology 101: Everything You Need To Know About Network Marketing
Author: Jason OToole

Here’s a primer I hope illustrates the key to success in all facets of life - hell, the key to life itself -  to give you a sense of what works and what doesn’t in building a successful network marketing business.

Title: Leave friends and family behind, a new adventure begins
Author: Jason OToole

One things you`ll hear me emphasize time after time is that you don’t win at this game by pushing, you win by attracting, and nothing is more attractive than being in complete alignment with your goals.  Build the world you want to live in, and the right people will follow.

Title: CPR for your network marketing business
Author: Jason OToole

Perhaps your network marketing business isn’t coming together as you’d hoped; maybe you’ve hit a wall.  Maybe it’s early in the game, or maybe it’s late.  You understand that success only comes to those who want it badly enough, those who align their being and every facet of their lives with their core desires. 

Title: The New Age of MLM Marketing
Author: Jason OToole

Attraction Marketing is a philosophy you can harness it`s not a "technique" it`s an attitude, it`s a philosophy - a way of life. In essence Attraction Marketing is the key to your prosperity experience and it IS the silver bullet of network marketing. It`s time to stop learning to be a guidance counselor and a professional at managing depression.

Title: Effective Prospecting by Always Closing
Author: Jason OToole

"The close has already happened and they haven`t even seen my product or my business." Learn to identify the prospects needs wants and desires before you EVER talk about your business...

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